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Dare to Love: A 4 week devotional to help you love yourself and others.

Are you afraid to love?

The people we care about the most have hurt many of us, either in a romantic relationship or even in our own families. Opening up to love can intimidate and scary. To protect our souls, we put up walls and distance ourselves from the others. But love is the most powerful force in the world. It motivates us to take great leaps of faith to achieve our dreams. Being open to give and receive love will transform the way we see the world.

In this four week devotional, Dare to Love, we will explore Saint Paul’s definition of love, and how to apply it to our everyday life. Using twenty eight scriptures and motivational thoughts, you can start to find healing and hope for a new day. Each day, you will reflect and write your thoughts as you process all the information.

You are a beautiful, creative, loving, and fabulous human being. I hope you see yourself in the same way. You were made for greatness.

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