Who can you trust when you don’t know who your enemies are?


With both the Order of Witches and the Garcia Clan both compromise, Eric and Sasha are in desperate need for allies. But are they willing to trust each other?


About D.C Gomez

D. C. Gomez is a fast-talking, extra-quirky Dominican with a dark sense of humor.

A long time ago, she used to enjoy long walks at the park and long days under the sun. Unfortunately, due to a mysterious condition, she is now allergic to those pesky UV rays. Rumor has it that her true nature is coming out and her vampirism is now showing. But don’t fear my friend, she doesn’t bite (much…).

Popular Books

Urban Fantasy

To save his race, Eric will have to risk losing his soul. If he still has one…

Being the Order of Witches’ Hitman, is not Eric’s view of an ideal job. But he can’t deny he is good at the job. If he can find the traitors, he might have a way out of the mess he finds himself in. It seems Eric is not the only one hating being an assassin. The sexy Sasha Garcia, from the renowned clan of assassins, is having her own morality dilemmas. Too bad the world cannot wait for either of them to address their internal turmoil.

The Order’s Assassin

The Hitman

Book 1 in The Order’s Assassin Series

Urban Fantasy

Witches, Demons, and Shifters are all landing in Salem. But who do you trust?

Eric’s search for Rafael, the Order’s betrayer, is leading to a dead end. Running out of time, he decides to enlist the help of some old acquaintances in Salem’s underground. In the meantime, the Garcia Clan, the deadliest of all the shifter assassin families in the world, has been attacked. Tensions are rising as Sasha is forced back on the field to investigate and bring the culprit to justice. With both the Order of Witches and the Garcia Clan searching for the truth, Eric and Sasha are the only ones standing between a full-on blood bath.

The Order’s Assassin

The Traitor

Book 2 in The Order’s Assassin Series

Urban Fantasy

Zombies. Necromancer-Kitty. How can a witch be bored with this combination?

Nobody knows who did the most damage, the witches or the humans. But the results are the same, the world is destroyed. The war made it easier for the spread of the virus, and even more zombies now roam the world. With the war over, Elisha enjoys her quiet life watching her familiar control zombies for landscaping duties. Yeah, she is truly bored to death. It’s no wonder, when her mortal enemies knocked at her door with a job offer she is willing to entertain it. Curiosity can be deadly, even to a powerful witch. But is Elisha ready to follow this mission through?

The Elisha & Elijah Chronicles


Book 1 in The Elisha & Elijah Chronicles