About The Author

D. C. Gomez is a fast-talking, extra-quirky Dominican with a dark sense of humor.

A long time ago, she used to enjoy long walks at the park and long days under the sun. Unfortunately, due to a mysterious condition, she is now allergic to those pesky UV rays. Rumor has it that her true nature is coming out and her vampirism is now showing. But don’t fear my friend, she doesn’t bite (much…).

Now she has a legit medical condition to hide indoors and indulged her passions of reading, sometimes cooking, and of course writing. DC writes in multiple genres from Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Lit, YA, Children’s Books, and even Devotionals. Her dark sense of humor and infatuation for action/adventure can be found in many of her books.

As a self-proclaim serial-hobbyist, her passions expand to podcasting as well as live hosting. You can find DC every Monday night interviewing a new author on her podcast Inside the Minds of Authors. If you enjoy a more active experience, catch her online live on her Amazon Channel – The Book Corner. Where she features authors releasing books within the next 90 days.

Explored the website and check out many of her award-winning books (Death’s Intern, Plague Unleashed, Forbidden War, and The Origins of Constantine). Get lost in a mesmerizing adventure, full of quirky characters, zany plots, and always in the pursuit of their own tribe.

Happy reading!