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Urban Fantasy in the Reapers Universe

Some secrets could kill you.
Lauren’s bloodline made her a target for an evil cult. A bloodline that she wasn’t even aware of having. Kidnapped and on the brink of being tortured, Lauren’s powers manifest and she is not prepared for the deadly aftermath.

Revenge Best Served Cold

Urban Fantasy in the Reapers Universe

Beware the wrath of a woman
Teenagers are known for powerful emotions and rash decisions. But Luna went too far. In an effort to get her former flame back, she accidentally unleashed a ghoul on the town. Now it’s a race against time to stop the being before people are seriously injured.

From Greatness to Stone

Urban Fantasy in the Reapers Universe

What are you willing to do for humanity?
In the middle of his personal pity-party, Constantine, the 5000-year-old talking count, shares an unlikely story from his younger days. He takes us back to ancient Egypt, to a time when his dear friend Anubis was still trying to impress the other gods. Even to Constantine, some sacrifices might be too big.

D. C. Gomez, is a fast-talking extra-quirky Dominican with a dark sense of humor.

She used to enjoy long walks at the park and all that fun outdoors activities; unfortunately, due to a mysterious condition she is now allergic to the sun.

Rumor has it, that her true nature is coming out and her vampirism is now showing. While hiding from the sun, she is busy writing action packed adventures full of quirky characters and zany plots. As well as hosting her podcast, Inside the Minds of Authors.

If you would like to learn more about her, or join her at an event, check out her website. We promise she doesn’t bite (much…).


Inside the Minds of Authors

If you are a book lover or enjoying learning more about author, Inside the Minds of Authors is the podcast for you. This fun and relax podcast will bring you a new author each week. With each show starting with a short reading from the feature book. Conversations are fun and engaging, giving listeners the opportunity to learn more about the book, the author and the world of writing. All genres are feature, from popular authors to up-and-coming. Join this fun community.


Events and Places to find DC?

DC enjoys chatting with readers. She is an active participant at many Author Signings, ComicCons, and author conference. Make sure to check out the website for the latest events. Or you can stop by TikTok Thursday nights at 8pm CST and chat live with her.